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Galicia (Pokémon) GO Game for Android

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many others were found in the Pokémon world!

Now’s your chance to find and capture Pokémon around YouSo get your shoes, get out and explore the world. You can join one of three teams and compete for prestige and propiedadeXimnasios with Pokemon on your side.

Pokémon there and you have to find them. As you walk in the neighborhood, the phone will vibrate when there’s Pokmongerllaw.Vazmitse aim and shoot the ball has to beagreed numbness, or you can go!

Look far to Pokémon and objects

Some Pokémon Black delesenvironmentlook are native to the type of Pokémon water Lagos and seas. Go PokStops results interesting places, such as museums, art installations, historical monuments and markers, to save up for things and Pokéballs useful.

However, thoughtful, development, and more

As you level up, can catch Pokmonbolsh-powerful, to complete their collection, adding the eggs hatchPokmon Pokdex.Gallwch on the basis of walking distance. Help Pokmon develop, perform many of the same type.

Assume and defend your battle gymnastics

As laps Charmander Charmeleon, and then Charizard, can fight together to defeat the gym and set their Pokémon, to defend against all comers.

It’s time to get real adventure movingyour stay!


– This application is free to play and cheap offers shopping.The game is optimized for smartphones, nidtabledi.

– compatibleAndroid devices with 2GB of RAM or more and be receiving the Android version – install.

– Consistency not be guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi only

– Not compatible with Android devices using Intel’s Atom processors.

– Is not guarantee compatibility with tablet devices.

– The application can not rabotatna some devices, even if they have a compatible version of the operating system installation.

– recommendedârhwydwaith playing while connected to discover correctaacomodación.

– The sequence information can be changed at any time.

– Go more compatibility information.

– At the present time information as at 05 July 2016