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4 is a first-person shooter in which you are a member of an elite police tactical units to play. They are to follow leads a team of five police officers and arrest dangerous criminals in the fictional town of Fairview. Unlike most SpielenFPS, it does not interfere with arms action, as a policeman, you are limited as to be able to use deadly force. Even non-lethal have legal restrictions, if you can use it. Also get belligerent, and you would expect penalties. Smart TaktikFPS gameMissions 4 less podobnoperestrelkah one of a typical FPS can expect, and more than tactical puzzles. You have all the resources available, the other members of your team, including to solve it. You can issue orders to spend see your team a simple menu and they. On their helmet cameras can be difficult, all this information coordination, but it is the key to success – even if this understanding is frustrating when your team is the AI, which is good, but not perfect is thy preceptsnot to. Choosing the right equipment and vooruzheniyaKromeIst is important, each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. Think tactical Player 4 is not as fast or futuristic as some other games in this genre, but if you want something combines the strategy of tension and try it.